See how Duradek made this old deck NEW!

This is where we started: (click to enlarge)

Duradek Installation

The old, weathered, wooden deck was in sound condition but unattractive.

Duradek Installation

We removed the railings and prepared the surface for recovering.

Duradek Installation

A layer of plywood is added and made smooth before the Duradek is applied.

This is the beautiful result!

Duradek Installed

The Duradek has been applied using our special all-weather adhesive.

Duradek Installed

The Duradek covering will give lasting beauty and protection for many years.

Duradek Installed

Even steps and stairs can be made beautiful with high-quality Duradek!

This is the process:

Railings have been removed and a layer of durable plywood has been fastened down.

The seams are made level and leakproof with a special compound.

The Duradek has been applied and smoothed using our permanent adhesive.

Another successful Duradek application:

In this second-floor terrace, the railings have been removed ready to begin.

The original concrete surface was covered with plywood and prepared for the adhesive.

The final result! Note how Duradek is formed and shaped in the corners and edges,

Available in a range of colours, Duradek will give you years of trouble-free deck enjoyment!

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